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Welcome to my website!

Making and designing clothes has been a passion for me from a very young age. I started at the age of five, but when I was twelve I already made clothes for family and friends. I will not dwell on my career here. If you are curious I refer you to


I developed this website to display and sell my work. The Home and Policy pages tell you about the store. Then comes the Women section, in which all women's clothing and accessories are shown unsorted; all seasons and articles mixed together. Then pages of women's clothing by article through to Accessories, which partly also fall under Men . Finally comes the Archive section, a photographic overview of my work. Click on the thumbnail for more information. This work has been sold, but some can be recreated for you. Hopefully there is something irresistible for you. 

Return & Shipping

Currently, 60% of clothing purchased on-line is returned. The financial and environmental costs are considerable to say the least. That is why I opted for a standard policy of no return or shipping to inhibit impulse purchases. IIf you desire shipping then I'll work that out for you.

Address & Contact Information

 My atelier is located on the Osterstraat 35 9711 NN, Groningen. If you'd like to come and try on clothing or have something made for you then you can make an appointment with me by e-mail:


I also work with Sandra de Leeuw from Atelier Sans Scrupules,, who also makes custom apparel with a focus on bridalwear. Furthermore I am member Branchevereniging Modeambachten, a professional organization representing anyone in the Netherlands working in the crafts of tailoring, dressmaking, hatmaking and shoemaking.


There is a big misunderstanding that numerical sizes such as 8, 14 etc. and alphabetic such as XS, M, XXL are meaningful anymore. Each brand is free to determine the sizes of their clothing. The only real sizing that matters is what the tapemeasure says. Tailors distinguish between body measurements and the circumference measurements of a garment. This difference is called ease. This extra width is smaller for a corset and larger for a winter coat. Swimsuits and other stretchy items sometimes have a negative ease. That is why I always indicate the body measurements for an article because that stays constant for you regardless of what you wear. I also use alphanumeric measurements and (will) provide a size chart with the corresponding body measurements.

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